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Put a down payment on a house? Purchase a new vehicle? Travel? Pay off your student loans? What would you do with your 50/50 winnings? Buy a ticket at the next Calgary Flames home game and you could find out.

You’ve probably seen the 50/50 sellers in their yellow aprons around the concourse. One perk of opening your wallet for tickets is the chance to cash in on some big pots. But the benefits go much further than that.

Click here if your Calgary and area amateur or minor sports team in interested in fund-rasing by selling 50/50 tickets

All profits from the 50/50 draws go to the Flames Foundation for Life and particularly to its support of amateur sports and recreation in Calgary and the Surrounding Area. Over the past 30 years, the Flames Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of people by donating millions of dollars to many different charities and initiatives.

The 50/50 draw has contributed in a big way; with more than $1.5 million in 50/50 proceeds being donated to the Flames Foundation for Life last season.

It is because of your support over the years that the Flames are in a position to give back in such a meaningful way.

For 50/50 ticket information please call the 50/50 hotline at 403-571-3450 or email 5050draw@calgaryflames.com

Thank you for your generosity, and don’t forget to buy those 50/50 tickets.

AGLC ID # 59065


Date Winning Ticket Total Pot Prize CLAIMED
October 7, 2015 C-190857 $197,390.00 $98,695.00 YES
October 3, 2015 C-104026 $54,485.00 $27,242.50 YES
september 29, 2015 C-137590 $31,130.00 $15,565.00 NO
september 25, 2015 C-130657 $44,210.00 $22,105.00 YES
september 21, 2015 C-110545 $40,155.00 $20,077.50 YES