Development Camp Update: 08.07.14

News and notes from the Flames summer development camp at Winsport

Wednesday, 07.9.2014 / 12:48 PM MT / Future Watch
By Aaron Vickers  - (@aavickers)
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Development Camp Update: 08.07.14

CALGARY, AB -- For Brad Treliving, much of the benefit to development camp didn’t come on the ice.

Instead, the Calgary Flames general manager used the opportunity with 23 of his prospects and another 18 free agent invites as a form of introduction to the newly hired executive.

“For me, a lot of it was putting a face to a name and building a little bit of a relationship,” Treliving said. “We spent a lot of time just visiting with me.

“A lot for me was more off the ice than on the ice.”

Still, plenty was accomplished on-ice under the watch of skill and development coach Dominic Pittis, Adirondack Flames coach Ryan Huska, director of player development Troy Crowder and Flames assistant coach Martin Gelinas.

With five on-ice sessions -- which included two scrimmages -- a tone was set for the prospects as they prepare for the coming months ahead.

“These weren't lay-up ice sessions,” Treliving said. “They went hard and worked and then they went to the gym and worked. They represented themselves.

“To get a DNA and a culture, it's what you do every day. Kids are leaving here today going, 'I have a better understanding of what the Flames organization is about and it starts with hard work.'”


Calgary’s development camp was set before Treliving’s arrival and after a first-hand look at the process, he expects some tweaks for 2015.

“We'll look at it now,” he said. I think it's too early to say what's going to happen.

“It's safe to say there will be changes.”

Players reported for fitness testing Friday, which followed with five consecutive days of on-ice skill development. Two of those days featured scrimmages while the remaining three consisted of hard skating and skill development with a variety of coaches.

How the format changes under Treliving remains to be seen.

“It's education,” he said. “It's' development. It's giving the guys the tools. Yes, you want to get a little glimpse and see how they move and those things, but in a lot of ways, the emphasis is on doing too much heavy lifting on-ice and evaluating in July can be a dangerous thing.

“I don't think we need radical changes, but we'll tweak it.”


Wednesday’s scrimmage to cap development camp was far from an in-game simulation to say the least.

The exhibition immediately started with a 4-on-4 format and dropped to 3-on-3 after the opening 10 minutes. With 10 minutes remaining, both teams skated the full ice with just two skaters aside.

“It’s fun,” said Bill Arnold, who scored for Group ‘A’ in the 5-5 final. “It allows for a lot of speed, a lot of skill and a lot of creativity. It’s a little bit less structured than what we’ve been doing. It’s a lot of fun. There’s not a lot you can do structurally but make sure you have one of the other two guys.

“A lot of speed, a lot of skill. It was nice.”

It was the perfect scenario for Johnny Gaudreau, who scored Group ‘B’s fourth goal.

“Definitely more my kind of game,” he said. “You’ve got to play smart and skilled. There’s a lot of skilled hockey players here and they’re here for a reason. Obviously they’re skilled so you make sure you make the plays and keep your head up and know where everyone is out on the ice and look for those breaks.”


Here are the scorers from Wednesday’s 30-minute scrimmage

(1-0 A) Group A: Morgan Klimchuk (1) ASST: John Gilmour (1)
(2-0 A) Morgan Klimchuk (2) ASST: Bill Arnold (1), John Gilmour (2)
(2-1 A) Dawson Leedahl (1) ASST: Brandon Denham (1)
(3-1 A) Ryan Culkin (1) ASST: Austin Carroll (1)
(3-2 A) Brett Kulak (1) ASST: Kenny Agostino (1)
(4-2 A) Bill Arnold (1) ASST: Unknown
(4-3 A) Hunter Smith (1) ASST: Kenny Agostino (2)
(4-4 T) Johnny Gaudreau (1) ASST: None
(5-4 A) Brandon Vuic (1) ASST: None
(5-5 T) Casey Bailey (1) ASST: Hunter Smith (1)


The Flames hit the ice next in the form of the YoungStars Tournament in Penticton, BC from beginning Friday, September 12, 2014. This will be the fourth time the Flames have participated.

The round-robin tournament will feature prospects from the Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets from September 12-15th.

Round 2 - 43rd Overall
Round 2 - 60th Overall
Round 5 - 136th Overall
Round 6 - 166th Overall
Round 7 - 196th Overall