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Season ticket delivery

Some lucky season ticket holders received a special treat on Wednesday as Flames players and management hand delivered their tickets.

Wednesday, 09.8.2010 / 5:04 PM MT / News
By Kristi Hennessy
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Season ticket delivery
It is always an exciting time for season ticket holders when they find an envelope from the Calgary Flames in their mailbox. Opening a fresh book of season tickets is when you truly first realize that hockey is so close you can smell it.

Now what if you didn’t have to open your mailbox? If instead you had a knock at your door and a Calgary Flames player, coach or even the Assistant general manager was standing there to personally hand deliver your tickets. Today was that special day for a select few season holders.

“I got a phone call yesterday at work asking if I could be home between one and three o-clock tomorrow,” said one season ticket holder. “They said it was the Calgary Flames and that someone would be dropping by from the organization to deliver our season tickets.”

“It’s pretty exciting, we didn’t expect it,” said another excited fan. “We usually have to go pick them up so home delivery is a nice little touch definitely.”

Assistant general manager Jay Feaster paid a visit to two season ticket holders this afternoon while head coach Brent Sutter, Flames players David Moss, Mikael Backlund and Olli Jokinen each took a couple stacks of season tickets and drove to the addresses listed on the front.

“We try to spend some time with our fans, it’s an important part of this business,” said Olli Jokinen. “It takes 10 minutes for us but for them it’s probably a big thing. It’s nice to keep our fans happy.”

Each season ticket holder is randomly drawn and added to the delivery list each year. The Calgary Flames players, coaches and management take their time do this because they feel it is so important to show Flames fans how much they are appreciated.

“It’s nice to see their excitement,” said David Moss. “It’s nice to give back and show them that we really appreciate their support.”