Monahan offers up advice for Bennett

Sean Monahan was able to pass on some tips to 2014 first rounder Sam Bennett

Monday, 07.07.2014 / 4:06 PM
Torie Peterson  - (@toriepeterson)

CALGARY, AB -- Sean Monahan knows exactly what Sam Bennett is going through.

Coming into his first development camp after being selected sixth overall in the 2013 NHL Draft, Monahan had every eye in WinSport on him for a week.

Expectations were high and Monahan's time in camp was scrutinized to the hilt.

The same can be said for Sam Bennett, who was selected fourth overall last month in Philadelphia, so Monahan offered up some advice to the 18-year-old as he headed into his first camp.

"I just told him to be himself and play his game," Monahan said on Monday afternoon. "Obviously he's a good player and I think whatever he does here is going to help him make that step and he's just got to learn from that."

Monahan has first-hand knowledge of what Bennett brings to the table. He played against Bennett in the OHL and vividly remembers how feisty the Kingston Frontenacs' pivot can be.

"His first year was playing against me as a rookie and he was always giving little chops and stuff so he's a little pest. He got a lot of skill and he plays with heart which is what you want in a hockey player.

"He came in and he had a lot of confidence and that's the type of player he is. He plays hard and he gets the job done."

Monahan isn't participating in this summer's camp but he is back in Calgary right now. He stopped by WinSport to take in the scrimmage and check in with the players.

"When I'm here [at Winsport] it kind of feels like yesterday I was just at this camp.

"It was a tough camp - I remember that. It's nice to be back here and see all the guys."

Early this year, Monahan was named to Canada's World Championship roster and headed over to Belarus to represent his country in the tournament.

He ended up playing eight games and registering two assists in his first appearance at the tournament.

"A little bit of everything. There was a lot of verteran players there and it was good to see how everyone had to adjust to the game there with the bigger ice surface.

"I think if I ever got called upon to play again now I know and it will help me in the future."

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