Feaster, Flames stay true to rebuild at draft

Monday, 01.07.2013 / 10:49 AM
Aaron Vickers  - CalgaryFlames.com (@aavickers)

JERSEY CITY, NJ -- There was plenty of opportunity to wheel and deal on the floor of the 2013 NHL Draft, but general manager Jay Feaster wouldn't bite.

With three picks in the opening round of the draft, Feaster fielded many calls, but instead opted to go the route of keeping Calgary's assets and turn them into Sean Monahan, Emile Poirier and Morgan Klimchuk.

It was the proper thing to do for the true rebuild.

"We talked about the fact that we are committed to a rebuild and a recognition," Feaster said. "There were a lot of deals that could've been done and there were deals that could've been done to trade first round picks to get guys that are experienced, established players who are within a year or two years of being UFA's and in our opinion that's not the way to go about the rebuild. That's why we made eight picks."

No patchwork, no band-aids. Just the proper formula for restocking the cupboard.

"It's not the right way to go about the rebuilding moving picks for guys that could be UFA's," Feaster said.

The GM held his course with a lot of murmurs surrounding the Flames and managed to select three of Calgary's top 13 players in the first round.

The rumors didn't phase Feaster.

"We heard a lot of chatter, we heard a lot of discussions as far as which teams were trying to jump ahead of us and which teams liked certain players," he said. "We had two players that we were going to be pretty content with taking with that pick at six. Part of it is to watch just what happens and how things break. There were players in play.

"There were a lot of things that we had been in on, discussions we had, so we knew what was happening around us. And then it's not so much a surprise as you sit and watch how it goes down and we were pretty pleased when we realized we were going to be able to get Monahan at six."

In all, the Flames added eight prospects to their stable including Monahan, who has a realistic shot at helping Calgary compete in October.

"One of the conversations that we had with him was the fact of we want him to come in the development and then rookie camp and come into main camp and to try to compete for a spot on the team," Feaster said. "That would be our intent."

The additions of Poirier and Klimchuk just helped solidify Feaster's inactivity on the trade front, shaping a draft day that left Feaster satisfied.

"We felt very, very good," he said. "I felt we were well-prepared coming in. We had the list in the order we wanted it. We worked the list. Our three picks in the first round, they came from our first 13 names on our list. We feel good."

And while he didn't wheel and deal at the draft, Feaster took the opportunity to put Calgary's rebuild on the right path.

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