Comeau caught off guard by Columbus deal

Wednesday, 03.04.2013 / 7:03 PM
Aaron Vickers  - (@aavickers)

CALGARY, AB -- Settling into lunch with teammates an hour as the trade deadline expired, Blake Comeau didn't realize it would be his last as a member of the Calgary Flames.

Sitting down with Chris Butler, Lee Stempniak and Derek Smith for some eats, Comeau got a text from his agent.

"I was sitting at lunch today and I was just texting with my agent to meet up with him in Colorado when I was in town with Calgary and then he texted me back five minutes later and said 'You might've been traded, stand by' sitting there at lunch," Comeau said. "That's how I found out about it and didn't hear anything for maybe 15, 20 minutes then got the phone call from him saying that it was probably a done deal.

"It caught me off guard for sure. It just started out with him saying 'Lets meet for lunch in Colorado' and five minutes later he said I might've gotten traded. It's a different experience for myself."

Comeau was the last of three deals made by general manager Jay Feaster leading up to the deadline, dealt to Columbus for a fifth round pick. Feaster shipped Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins last week before optioning Jay Bouwmeester to the St. Louis Blues on Monday.

The trades come with the Flames sitting 14th in the Western Conference, eight points behind the Blues with just 14 games remaining in the season.

With an expiring contract and the Flames needing to hurdle six teams, Comeau saw the writing on the wall.

"I think I realize that maybe I had a chance of being traded with my contract being up and us not being in the playoff picture right now, knowing that changes were going to be coming," Comeau said. "It caught me a little bit off guard but still in the back of my mind knew there could be a chance that I was going to be traded."

Just one point out of the playoffs, the Blue Jackets also added Marian Gaborik at the deadline to help put themselves over the hump.

Comeau doesn't mind the challenge.

"I talked to a couple guys that I know on the team there, Brandon Dubinsky and James Wisniewski," Comeau said. "It sounds like they're excited to have me and it's exciting for me to go there to a team that is just one point out of the playoffs and try to contribute where I can and help in the playoff push."

But before leaving to join his new teammates on the road in Nashville, Comeau finished lunch with his former teammates.

"They didn't make me, but they should've bought me lunch after they found out the news," Comeau said.

"But that didn't happen."

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