Monday, 07.9.2012 / 11:32 AM MT
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Janko\'s Development Camp Blog

We just finished up fitness testing and it was really good! Tough but overall, a good experience.

The last test we did was the two and half minute bike ride and it was really tough. You go as hard as can for two and half minutes - exhausting. Your legs are pretty wobbly after. But it was a good experience and it shows the team what you're capable of.

I went to the NHL Combine in Toronto so I was familiar with the sorts of testing used, like the Wingate and V02, but I've never experienced anything like what we did today. It's definitely different for me but I did know a bit of what to expect.

The Wingate here goes for 10 seconds but the one at the Combine is 30 seconds so that was a surprise, a good one. It was a little easier than I was anticipating.

I'm definitely looking forward to hitting the ice this afternoon. My legs are going to feel it, for sure, but I'm pretty excited to get out there. I'm in the second group on the ice today so I've got some time to recover before getting back at it.

Last test of the day - the two and half minute bike ride. Intense!